Brian Lelas

Who is Brian lelas?

Brian Lelas has been writing books and short stories since he was in school. He finished his first novel when he was only 17 years old, having been writing it on and off since the age of 12. This remarkable discipline to complete projects has allowed him to write over one hundred short stories and five novels in the decade that followed.

Brian's style of writing is very flexible, a craft that allows him to write in multiple genres and blend them together seamlessly. His two short story collections, "Dead Cartography" and "Phantoms Doused in Night" illustrate the breadth of this capability. His first published novel, "Tome" is a successfully ambitious marriage of writing for young adults and a more mature audience. It has concepts that link things as diverse as pop-culture, science fiction, mystery and magic all into one.

Working full-time as a Video Game Designer gives Brian another highly creative outlet to make his mark with, but it is the limitless possibilities of writing books that has been his passion from a very early age.

Brian lives in Chapelizod, a village in Dublin, Ireland, with his wife and three sons. He spends his free time playing designer board games, reading books he wishes he'd written first and watching Futurama. He is a former amateur Karting champion and the only activity he stands up for is a weekly indoor football game with colleagues and friends.

published works

Brian has had several published works, including these highlights:


Over a fallen hill


"Over a Fallen Hill" is a novella based on the short story of the same name that appeared in 2013's "Phantoms Doused in Night."



Published on Kindle in 2015

"Tome" was self-published on Kindle by Brian in June 2015 and a sequel, "Resolver" is due to be released in 2017.


Phantoms Doused in night

Published in paperback in 2013

published on kindle in 2015

"Phantoms" was crowdfunded as a paperback in 2013 by fans of the successful first short story collection, "Dead Cartography." The project raised over $1200 and resulted in a high quality, limited edition physical book.


Dead Cartography

published in paperback in 2010

"Dead Cartography" was sold exclusively as a paperback in Waterstone's Bookstores in Dublin in late 2010. The first print run sold out in under two weeks, making the book reach #6 in the local store charts during the run up to Christmas, purely on word of mouth from booksellers and customers. A second print run followed and also sold out within weeks.

Brian's next published work will be "Resolver," the sequel to "Tome." It is scheduled to be published on October 26th 2018.

Brian’s third novel is currently in the works and details will follow soon.

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