Announcing: Project Restoration - and next steps

Short stories. Notoriously hard to sell to publishers. Probably the most fun to write. Definitely the most accessible to read. It’s a bit of a paradox - why are they so difficult to market, or put out into the world?

It’s time to look back, and in turn look forward!

We’ve all had one incident like this... A catastrophic failure on your computer, where you lose some stuff you really wish you’d backed up. I had two. Two really big ones.

The most recent was when my computer was stolen, and with it, about 120 pages of the first draft of Resolver was lost forever. It contributed in a big way to the delay that book has suffered, and the lesson learned from it was: back everything up.

Before any of that, and I know how stupid this is, I had a back-up fail for two entire books. That’s right. Two entire books. I am lucky that these books exist in the real world as paperbacks, otherwise they would be gone forever. Now, it’s time to get them back into the wild, but in a different form.


Dead Cartography was a book of seven short stories that was published in 2010. Phantoms Doused in Night came along in 2013. More short stories.

Starting next month, this website will host a new short story on every 1st of the month. Some of these will be brand new, never before seen pieces of fiction, while others will be restored and updated versions of stories from the above collections. To get the ball rolling, an updated version of Heartbroken (which featured on both collections!) will be published on November 1st, available in digital for the first time.

A brand new short story will be published on December 1st.

The aim is to fully restore and update both Dead Cartography and Phantoms Doused in Night over an extended period, in their entirety, while also introducing new stories, modern fairy tales, fables and mysteries, then collect everything in one special edition book sometime after the restoration is complete. It’s going to be a journey. I can promise you that.

But that’s not all!

This is by no means the only content that will be arriving in the future, either. With the release of Resolver on October 26th concluding the story introduced in Tome (and Doorway, for old school readers) I have a new larger project already well under way, with details following in the near future. This one will be about as different as it gets from Adrien’s story, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

I hope to see a load of you at Foley’s, Merrion Row, on Saturday October 27th.