One More Switch

Sometimes, you just have to pull the brakes and make the hard decision.

As work on Resolver starts to come to a relative close, it is with some disappointment that I must announce that the publication date is being pushed out to January 2018. This is in order to give me an extra 5 or 6 weeks to pull together one more critical draft of the book before handing it over to proof-readers for the final editing phase.

Naturally, it was a very difficult decision to make, especially as Resolver has been imminent and teasing release for quite a while now, but I feel that rushing out an earlier draft would have been to do the story and its audience a disservice.

Things are moving along. There are also outside pieces of interference in the real world that need attention, with time being extremely restricted at times. Working on Resolver after midnight some nights when I can squeeze it in has also led to a few pushes of word count that were not up to standard, which is what led to this additional draft phase. I promise that the result will be worth it, though.

Sorry for the added wait, folks.

Almost time.

Almost time.