Resolver - Full Writing Phase

The writing of Resolver has picked up and I wanted to briefly give an update to anyone wondering what is happening with the book.

Last month an extensive planning phase of each chapter of the new version of the book was finished and I spent a considerable amount of time putting together detailed notes on the characters from Tome. This has helped smooth out some of the issues I had with the first draft of Resolver and this new take on the story is already benefiting hugely from it.

Resolver (in its new form) is now currently in the full writing phase. This usually comes after an ideas phase, a loose plotting phase and a full planning phase. For this book, there was also a phase of salvaging any work from the discarded version for potential use in this new one. I like to measure progress in bacon sandwiches (10,000 words = 1 bacon sandwich) and so far the pan has been on and the bacon sizzling, so it is definitely coming along quickly, especially if you consider that the planning was only completed ten days ago.

A new Prologue was written to open the book with Edwin's viewpoint. The two main characters of Resolver, Adrien and Holly, have also had their first chapters finished. It's early in this process but the words have flowed and so far it has been a joy to write. Taking a step back from the first version and approaching the book from a different angle has helped a lot.

So, there you have it. No promises of a release date or major details to share, but the assurance that it is happening and going very well. Better than expected, even.

An extract will follow in the near future. Resolver is on its way.